Hitchin' Post Lodge

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Ministry Retreat

At the Hitchin' Post

As God has blessed us with the beauty of Story, Wyoming, He has led us to share this blessing with His servants.

We have a heart for the pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and those in parachurch ministry who tirelessly serve Christ through their commitment to full-time ministry. It is our desire to provide a setting for spiritual retreat and renewal to those in professional ministry. The Hitchin' Post is a God-given setting for those in need of:

Diamonds 6  Renewal and Rejuvenation

Diamonds 6  Spiritual Healing and Restoration

Diamonds 6  Missionary Furlough

Diamonds 6  Ministry Sabbatical

Diamonds 6  Solitude Retreat

Diamonds 6  Time for Doctorate, Masters, or other literary work

Diamonds 6  Local accommodations for visiting ministers or evangalists

Should your church or organization have a ministry leader that would benefit from a period of ministry retreat, please contact us regarding the availability of our facilities. Both the Guest House and Horseshoe Suite in the Pool House can be made available at no cost for qualified ministerial retreat.

Contact Becky or Steve at info@hplstory.com or 307-763-8417 to discuss the facilities at the Hitchin' Post and how we can serve your ministry leaders.

“…to wait upon the Lord,
to renew your strength…”